Before The Interview

• Know the time and place of the interview, arrive early
• Know the name of the person interviewing you
• Plan what you will be wearing (suit/business attire), well groomed.
• First impressions say a lot about you
• Check out the company website, and include this in your portfolio

Things to know about the company
• When the company was established and what products the company sells
• Fill out application forms neatly and accurately
• Greet the interviewer by name and shake hands, smile
• Sit down only when offered, follow the interviewer’s lead

Points to remember
• Ask for a business card and email a “Thank you” to the interviewer
• An interview takes typically 30 – 60 minutes to conduct
• What you do or say or don’t say or do in that time could impact you
• You were invited to the interview because the interviewer thought you had the qualifications suitable for the position and they want to find out more about you, such as: attitude, presentation, motivation and maturity

During The Interview

• Salary conversation, normally is not discussed in the first interview
• Don’t ask about salaries, vacations or benefits in the first interview.
• If your asked what are your salary expectations, reply: my salary expectations are flexible, I'm looking for a long term commitment
• If you have to name a salary, know exactly what you need to live on, and what would be nice to have
• Maintain good posture and eye contact, be professional and confident.
• Listen carefully and ask good questions, answer all the questions fully.
• State your accomplishments relevant to the position, and interest in the job
• Don’t make derogatory remarks about present or past employers
• Don’t be afraid of a short silence from the interviewer, they may be reading your resume

Closing the interview:
Some questions to ask the interviewer
• Ask the interviewer what do they see as the challenges in this position
• Ask a relative question about the company, or will there be room to grow with my position
• What are the specific duties/responsibilities of the position or ask for a formal job description
• If there is an offer made to you, you can accept right there or ask for some time to consider it
• If you don’t think the interview went well, still remain positive!